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Liz Cummings

I've been a painter all my life, mainly in oils for the landscapes and acrylics with translucent glazes I've concocted for the abstract work. Most recently I've been working on wall sculptures, making the abstract paintings 3 dimensional.


Light and shadows are a main feature of the desert landscapes creating a depth you can feel. Movement with painted reflections in the shoreline series offer a calming element in any room.  The abstracts spark from a different place, they are more of a natural flow from my emotion to the canvas in color and design.

I often collaborate with fiber artist Myra Burg. She creates "Quiet Oboes" which are fiber wrapped hollow elements, art for the wall. Like cylindrical tapestries, they grace both residential and commercial spaces, in three dimensions, beautifully and with installation flexibility for a wide range of project sizes. 

In addition to the paintings available on the website, you can easily commission something designed specifically for you.


I have a background in design and have spent over 30 years as a professional artist with collectors in several continents.

Permanent Collections

Some of my works are in permanent collections of:

Children's Hospital, Boston

The City of Beverly Hills

Daniel Freeman Hospital, Los Angeles

Northwestern Mutual Insurance Company, Milwaukee, Wi.

Bienale, Firenze, Italy

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